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Recreation Center at Herz Park


What will the gym and recreation center contain?

Approximately 11,500 square feet of indoor space including a basketball court, bleachers, a multi-purpose room, restrooms, site staff office and equipment storage. Depending on costs and available funding, a second multi-purpose room and a kitchen may be included.
Outside the rec center will be a plaza and improvements such as pathways and lighting to connect the rec center, Coffman Pool, Herz Park and the neighboring community center to be constructed as part of the Sunnydale HOPE SF revitalization.

How is this different than the Hub?

The gym/rec center is part of the new neighborhood Hub that is being developed as part of the Sunnydale HOPE SF revitalization.  The Hub is where neighbors will come together, and will include a new community center, open spaces, neighborhood retail and the existing Herz Park, Coffman Pool and the new rec center.   

Who can use it, who will operate gym and rec center?

It will be open to the public and will serve Sunnydale, Visitacion Valley, and all the surrounding communities.The gym and rec center will be staffed and operated by the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department.

How will this be funded?

$10 million for the recreation center is in the 2020 Health, Streets and Parks Bond. An additional $10 million raised by a Capital Campaign being run by Mercy Housing, Related California, Boys & Girls Club, and Wu Yee Children’s Services.

When will the bond be voted on?

The 2020 Health and Recovery Bond will be on the ballot in November 2020. The Board of Supervisors will vote in June 2020 to approve what will be included in the Bond, including the gym.

What is the construction timeline?

Construction of the new recreation center is estimated to start in 2022 and complete in a year.
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